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What is Renert
Junior Kindergarten?

For the past 25 years, the name “Renert” has become synonymous in Calgary with excellent educational programs and outstanding student achievement. Over that time, we have developed revolutionary educational methods that have proven to maximize any child’s potential. Starting in September 2018, we will bring that same passion and dedication to improving the learning capabilities of children ages 3 to 5 with the Renert Junior Kindergarten Program.

Our program will support children’s social, emotional, physical and academic development through the use of age-appropriate and engaging activities, while striving to inspire children to become lifelong learners.


The Renert Junior
Kindergarten Program

The Renert Early Childhood Education Centre offers an enriched 2-year Junior Kindergarten program for children between the ages of 3 and 5 that goes beyond the basic skills and curriculum typically offered in preschool. Our goal is to prepare children for lifelong success, both in and out of school, by providing exceptional early formative experiences in academics, creative play, and social interactions. The 5 pillars which form the basis of the Renert Junior Kindergarten program are as follows:

An Integrated Approach

Best of Many Worlds

Social and Emotional Intelligence

Early Literacy and Numeracy Skills

Learning Without Bounds

Creative Play

Arts and Imagination

Independent Learning

Variety and Choice

Expert Staff

Our Junior Kindergarten staff are selected for their love of children, extensive experience working with preschool-aged children, deep understanding of preschool curriculum and instructional methods, creativity and flexibility. Our staff to child ratio is 1:8, allowing us to provide each child with a high degree of personal attention


We require that parents sign up for and attend an information session (listed below) to be considered for admission. Upon a decision to further the admissions process, the child will be invited to attend a classroom assessment to determine their readiness for the Junior Kindergarten program.

In general, ready children will be:

  • At least 3 years old when entering
  • Fully toilet trained
  • Able to separate from parents
  • Able to follow basic instructions, and transition activities
  • Able to participate safely in group activities


Attend an information session to learn more details about the school’s philosophy and programs and come find out if Renert Junior Kindergarten is a good fit for your child.